Hannah Leonard

September 13, 2019

   Family gives us strength and hope and courage at the toughest times.

   “When I was 5 my dad went to the hospital, I didn’t know what was wrong at first, it ended up being a problem with his leg and ooze coming out. He was there for 2 weeks, I didn’t visit him because I was scared, and my cousin kept saying he was going to die. I went on his last day in the hospital and saw how doctors were treating him so nicely being a black guy in a hospital. After the hospital, my dad grew plants to help with his condition,” senior Hanah Leonard.

   Planting has been a hobby for the Leonard family since she was young.

   “I started when I was nine and in third grade. My teacher had us water the plants once a week, every other kid was trying to kill the plants and I was the only one who kept them alive so I was in charge of them for the rest of the year,” Leonard said

   Through the years Leonard developed a mental strategy to keep her a straight-A student that doesn’t require as much work as people would think.

   “I don’t do as much work as I should. Being straight-A means I can do my work really well, that’s how I survived high school for so long if you know people well enough you can craft your work to satisfy the teachers,” Leonard said

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