What is EIP?

September 28, 2018

  EIP is the Educational Internship Program and it’s for students who are interested in a teaching career or a human services career. It is a college level course that meets once a week as a class to do focused observations, reading, and writing.

  “EIP is such a win-win-win. It benefits high school students because they get to be a mentor to the younger students. It helps the teachers in the elementary and middle level because they get extra support in the classroom and it’s really great for the middle school students to have that positive experience with the Liberty North or Liberty High School senior. For the seniors that take it, it gets them their A+ hours and it’s a practical arts credit as well,” EIP teacher Melissa Taylor.

   Every school in the district this year except Liberty Academy has EIP interns from either Liberty or Liberty North.

  “You get to pick a school and a teacher and a grade that you go to and you basically get to be a teacher’s assistant and you just help the kids out and connect with them. I go to Heritage middle school with 8th-grade geometry with Mrs. Garrison. I love them and they are so smart,” senior Lillian Leslie said.

EIP interns help their teachers with whatever they need and often take kids out who are struggling.

“It depends on what time you get there. I have a pretty good time, I go for 4th and 5th hour. So I’m there for like 2 hours and you just do the stuff your teacher need you to do while she’s teaching so it lets the teacher focus more on teaching kids and then whenever kids are struggling, it’s your responsibility to help them help explain what the teacher already said. So it’s a lot of pulling kids out for one on one,” senior Kari Tott said. 

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