The News on Nest Fest

September 25, 2019

   Nest Fest is a free, carnival-like event with different games.

   “It is a lot of fun. You get families, teachers families with little kids, and kids who will be coming to North in the future. I think the little kids probably like the games best,” librarian Connie King said.

   Nest Fest is on October 3 and a part of Homecoming.

   “This year our theme is our childhood, 10 years ago. We [STUCO] are providing the clubs with a TV show or a movie from our childhood and then from there, the club will then decide what game they want. So we don’t really know what games they will choose until later on once it gets closer. But that’s how we’re setting it up we are gonna provide the clubs with a theme,” junior Chloe Main said.

   The book club has done the same game for a while now but isn’t sure yet if they are going to change it or not.

   “Well in the past we have done The Very Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle. So we set up a ladybug that is made up out of cups. The red cups are the body of the ladybug and the black cups are the spots. And you try to get your ball into the spots. If you get it into a black spot you get a big prize and if you get it into the red spot then you get a bookmark,” King said.

   The Christian based REAL Club will be participating in Nest Fest as well.

   “We haven’t really talked about it much yet, but we are gonna do Veggietales for our theme. We don’t really know what game yet but [the theme] is somehow going to be incorporated,” Main said.

   If someone would want to participate in Nest Fest but aren’t in a club there is still a way they can help out.

   “If you are part of a club in school you can definitely sign up and have your own booth. If you want to help at all I’m sure someone would appreciate it,” Jed Anderson said.

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