Students Scarcity with Sleep

January 30, 2020

   Many people lack the correct amount of sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, only about 15% of teens sleep the proper amount of sleep they are supposed to. 

   “I usually get around seven hours of sleep each night, and I don’t think that is enough sleep. I only get that much sleep for many reasons. For example, I am involved in a lot of activities outside of school. Basketball just started, I play soccer, and I am a girl scout. I usually get home around 8:30 P.M. I don’t have a lot of time for homework, then trying to go to bed at a good time is hard for me,” sophomore Allison Cox said. 

   There are different reasons people aren’t able to get enough sleep and are tired in the mornings when they wake up. 

   “I am don’t get enough sleep because when I don’t have sports I leave with my aunt from school and do some homework at her house, and then after that, I get home and get ready for softball practice. Softball doesn’t get over till 8:00 P.M. then once I get home and finish my homework it is late. Sometimes I have to stay up and do all the homework I can then have to get up early still to finish the rest of the homework I didn’t get done,” sophomore Kate Grundy said. 

   On weekends students don’t have to get up for school, this causes students to catch up on the sleep they are missing throughout the week. 

   “I get a lot more sleep. This is because I am on a routine throughout the week. I usually follow it on the weekends except for getting up early. I tend to get up later on the weekends because we don’t have school. I also don’t have to be up early so I can get the extra sleep my body needs. If I am with my friends sometimes I stay up late but then sleep longer in the morning,” sophomore Taylor Seely said. 

   There are things a person could do to adjust the amount of sleep they get if they choose to. 

   “I could probably get off of my phone and try to go to sleep rather than watch a movie or an episode of a show, I could just go to bed. I could also try going to bed at a reasonable time instead of staying up to do other things,” Seely said.

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