Donating and Volunteerism

December 2, 2018

  The holidays are right around the corner and it is the perfect time to get involved in different donation and volunteering. While it is important to donate and volunteer year-round, there are many more opportunities during the holiday season.

  “It is really important to help others who are less fortunate. If you want society to be full of good and generous people you should donate and volunteer. I think that if I were in a situation where I would benefit from donations I would want people to volunteer to help me,” sophomore Katherine Mackenzie said

  Many different clubs and organizations here at Liberty North host donation opportunities throughout the holiday season. It is important to pay attention to those so people can contribute to both their school and community.

  “Donating and volunteering benefits the community significantly and just makes you feel good about doing the right thing,” sophomore Rachel Adger said.

  Kansas City also holds many different opportunities for donations and volunteering during the holidays, especially in the downtown area. If you are interested in volunteering or donating but aren’t sure where to start then listed below are a few local organizations that you can get involved in.

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