The Birds and the Beans

Karlee Kent, Lifestyle Editor

  Liberty North’s coffee shop is a place for students to get to know their peers and gives them a chance to relax before a could-be stressful day of school.

 “You get to meet most of the students that like it here and see a really positive response,” sophomore Marian Ellis said.

  Some students spend quite a bit of time in the coffee shop, and the students who work there get to see them come to love the coffee shop.

  “The best thing is giving stuff to the people and having a place for people to hang out a bit, get coffee and help people cool down before the day starts,” sophomore Sean O’Brien said.

  The coffee shop is not only a place students can hang out, it also gives everyone participating in the vocational prep class or social skills class a chance to be a part of something that influences the student body in such a positive way.

   “It’s a good experience. It’s the vocational prep and social skills classes that run it and they are students that are learning in the vocational prep classes what is work and it’s really just to give them the experience of interacting with customers and being in charge of something and learning how to work in a retail/ restaurant setting,” vocational teacher Joseph Morgan said.

  Teachers can agree that running the school coffee shop allows real-world experiences and interactions that are important.

  “It gives our kids that direct business experience; customer experience, ordering, taking care of money, and so forth and proceeds stay here with the school,” math teacher John Sevier said.

  The kids will directly benefit from working the coffee shop through these classes, and the teachers benefit as well because they get to watch their students flourish in an environment they might not otherwise get to experience.

  “I think the best thing about working the coffee shop is watching students, that normally wouldn’t interact with their general peers, interact with them. It’s almost like they’re not being forced to, but they have to and that’s really cool to watch because we have a lot of shy kids,”  Morgan said.


Coffee   $1.00

Cappuccino   $1.00

Hot Cocoa   $1.00