LIberty North Trap Team

Kayl Auch, Editor-In-Chief

Trap shooting is not like any other sport here at North, and technically, it isn’t even a sport. That doesn’t keep guys and girls from the school from making the short drive to Smithville to get some shots off and have a good time.

“The trap team is a group of kids who go out and shoot clay pigeons every Saturday in Smithville at KCTA Trap Range,” junior Thomas Samples said.

Loading shotguns and shooting clay pigeons is different from any other activity the school. It is a different pass time that can hopefully spark some of these members to continue… maybe in the Olympics.

“Trap shooting involves shooting one orange clay target that goes out of a ‘trap house’ and can go in any direction. There are five different stations where you shoot five times at the same station and rotate to the next station. It is an Olympic sport and they do the same thing,” senior Liam Hedrick said.

Shooting competitions work similar to any other sport. The team who shoots the most targets wins. Even though tournaments aren’t the same as practice, the Eagle Trap Team hopes to continue their season with a state “shot”.

“Usually competitions are one-hundred round shoots, though our practices are fifty. We’ve shot against Kearney and a couple other schools. We’ve usually done pretty well against them. Towards the end of April we will have our state competition where we will go down to Lake of the Ozarks and shoot down there,” Hedrick said.