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Cultivating Christmas

Autumn Shibley, Reporter

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, despite the 3 days of complete despair that finals create in the middle of December.

Christmas is a well respected holiday by many that brings a lot of feelings out from students, enthused to be on break. Summing up Christmas in one word has a lot to do with individual feelings towards the holiday, filled with words of positive connotation.

“If I had to sum up Christmas in one word, it would be Macaulay Culkin,” junior Gabe Wright said.

As most words to describe Christmas is based off of personal experience, most families and students have created their own traditions that are looked forward to as time gets closer to the event.

“One tradition my family and I have is we always get one big gift and then get 3 smaller gifts, it happens every year,” freshman Jenna Bodnar said.

Families and students have made their own interpretation of the importance of Christmas. Whether it be family, laughter, or joy, the meaning of Christmas and favorite aspects of it are different for each person.

“It’s vain to say it but I would say most likely gifts are my favorite part of Christmas. As well, I suppose everyone is just happier during that time and it feels more collectively and spiritually in line,” Wright said.

Although Christmas has created excitement in students, there are some downsides to the holiday coming up. Not everyone loves the holiday, but students have found minor flaws that can easily be fixed to create a better Christmas.

“If I could change one thing about Christmas, it would be corporatism and over-marketing. It feels like it drains the complete holiday spirit out of it. I don’t really care about the new latest GI Joe action figure that you’re trying to advertise to your kids,” Wright said.

The minor flaws have yet to have major effect of the overall feel of the holiday. Looking into the future for high school students is an aspect of every student’s life choices, but it’s positivity and enthusiasm that keeps the future of Christmas in good hopes.

“In the future, sometime, maybe I’ll possibly get two big presents instead of one,” Bodnar said.

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