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Madi Burrow
Hi, my name is Madi Burrow and I am a sophomore. It's my first year in newspaper and I'm a reporter.  I love to read and watch Netflix. I'm Currently watching Grey's Anatomy for the third time and I'm currently reading "We're Having the Time of Our Lives" by Daisy Hepburn.

I work at a nursing home in the dietary department. Daisy is one of the residents where I work. She is so sweet and she gave me the book to give to my grandma, but I haven't seen my grandma for a little while so I decided to read it. She recently gave me another one called "Forget Not His Blessings" and I can't wait to start this one.

I love my job, yes, it's hard, it takes patience and there's not much downtime, but I love that I get to have a connections with the residents and I try to make their day better because they don't usually have many visitors so I try to talk with them and try to make them smile as much as I can.

Madi Burrow, Reporter

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