The Spurlock (Golden) Girls

October 29, 2018

   A good family can push a person to their greatest potential. They can encourage their family to try new things and be the best version of themselves. Sisters Alexa and Mia Spurlock have felt both pressure and support from their family regarding the Liberty North Golden Girls.

   “The whole reason I joined [Golden Girls] is because my mom wanted me to. My sisters were on [the team] and my mom told me it would be a good experience for me to do it, so I’m trying it out,”  freshman Mia Spurlock.

   Alexa agrees with her sister that there was some family pressure to join the team from her mother and sisters. Though this doesn’t stop her from enjoying being on the team.

   “I felt pressure from my family to join because my older sister did it for all four years so I felt like I had to do it for all of the years too. My mom also wanted us to be involved in school. I’ve been doing since my freshman year, I felt like it was an obligation but I also really wanted to do it. When I’m practicing with the other girls it really makes it worth it. I just like that we are part of a team and that there are people that I can count on at school. If I am going through something I always know that I have friends at school that can help me through it,” said junior Alexa Spurlock.

  All members of a team can contribute. Many can contribute in different ways and help the team with different issues.

   “Mia and Alexa contribute to the team so much. As a returner, Alexa contributes by being a silent leader.  She is constantly working hard and striving to perfect every routine. Alexa is not a vocal leader, but she leads by example.  Every time we run through a routine, whether with counts or music, Alexa does it full out with facials and everything. Alexa also has a natural ability to make others laugh.  She is constantly lightening the mood at practice and that is so important with our team because we have a very long season,” coach Tiffany Cunningham said.

   Many members of the Spurlock family are dancers. This could contribute to the pressure for the rest of the girls to be on the team, or it could help bring the family closer together.

   “The Golden Girls have been so fortunate to have every Spurlock girl on the team as well as their cousin, Cara, but I do not think there has been any family pressure for them to try out.  Their parents are so supportive and want them to do whatever will make them happy. Their mother is also a beautiful dancer, so dance has always been a huge part of their lives. I think they chose to try out for the team because of their love for dance and also wanting to be involved in their school community,” Cunningham said.

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