Free-styling into Second Place

Josiah Goulding

   Liberty North High School diver Chase Chambers recently competed in a different conference division than past years for swim and dive.

   “We had our conference swim meet last weekend and we got second place to Park Hill South because we moved to a newer conference with bigger and better schools. My best dive was my inward dive. I got 4, 7.5’s and took second in the conference,” senior Chase Chambers said.

   Chase may have helped the team by taking second place. His effort and skill may have contributed to Liberty North winning second place.

   “We were seated 100 points behind Park Hill South because they had a lot of people in the finals and in the top 8. You get points for being there and we didn’t have as many people in the top 8,” Chambers said.

   Park Hill South is one of the bigger schools that makes Liberty North have big competition.

   “We started the day winning because we had 2 divers place in 2nd and 3rd including me, so we were on top but when it came to the meet we just couldn’t do it,” Chambers said.