School computers are a huge privilege, and with them they usually have some restrictions, meaning certain websites are blocked. But sometimes, the restrictions can get into the way of some of the websites our teachers have chosen for us to use in our lesson.

  Certain sites being blocked is completely understandable and necessary, but some of the websites that are blocked make absolutely no sense. Certain government websites are blocked, videos that my teachers use to demonstrate animal characteristics are blocked, and some websites that could be used for research are blocked. At this point, it almost seems like everything is blocked until a teacher goes in and requests that it’s not.

  Almost every project that I have written in my three years of High School so far, I have had to use my phone or non-school related computer to access certain websites that I needed for a certain project or paper. These websites I needed access to had no inappropriate content and were usually a web page for a certain company or business. 

The school’s web browser’s restrictions serve a very important task, but sometimes as a user, it is hard to find a reason as to why a certain page is blocked or why I can not get access to what I need for a school project.

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