It’s Time To Go Green

November 30, 2018

   Starbucks is getting rid of straws, LUSH uses all organic ingredients, and TOMS are made with natural and recyclable materials. These companies and many more are looking for a better future for our world.

   My name is Sophia, I believe that taking care of our environment is a must. Climate change IS happening, and it is evident in the rise of temperature and natural disasters. With the never-ending fires in California, the hundreds of hurricanes in the Pacific, and tsunamis in Japan, we as a community need to go eco-friendly.

Here’s how:

   First, turn it off. When brushing your teeth, do you really need the water running for two minutes? I know I don’t. Keeping the water running when not needed may not seem like a big deal but the world’s fresh, clean water resources are being used faster than they can be replenished. Along with this, turning off the running water helps reduce the energy used to process and deliver it to homes, which then reduces pollution and fuel resources.  

   Second, cut out the plastic. More than 8 million TONS of plastic are being dumped into the ocean each year. Plastic takes hundreds of years to completely degrade, but it can break into tiny pieces like sand making it impossible to predict how much plastic we consume from seafood in a year. You can get rid of plastic by, reusing, reducing and recycling. I know it’s cheesy and you have probably heard it before in science class but its so important. Instead of getting a new plastic water bottle every day, buy a reusable one. It may be expensive now, but in the long run, it will save you money. Don’t use plastic straws, they contain chemicals and are very harmful to the environment. And finally, get rid of plastic containers and plastic bags. They make reusable baggies and glass containers for your food now which if used, would drastically cut down the amount of plastic thrown away.

   Third, shop eco-friendly. Search companies that are saving energy, recycling, and using organic materials. With companies like Tom and Lush, you do not need to break your budget to get high-quality products. Some more of these companies include Patagonia, Coola, Ikea, and Keurig.

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