The Class Your Schedule NEEDS To Include

Kendall Steinmetz, Print Editor


 I’ve see it happen too often every year. Junior after senior forget about the best class offered at Liberty North (but only in my humble opinion of course). They forget, or worse, gloss over, the opportunity for such a class:

  AP Psychology with Mr. Davis.

  The best class ever you say?

  Yes, I do say indeed.

  At first, during my own junior year, I thought it would be unreasonable to take something outside of my for-now decided major. Boy, was I glad I did it anyways. And that’s my best answer for “why take it?”. Just do it anyways. To take this class is to love this class.

  Mr. Davis walks you through a whole year of hard tests and self-discovery. His teaching is so accommodating – One can’t go through an hour without some part of it being perfect for their learning style. It’s lecturing and interactive content and a plethora of studying and videos and course folders and it is one of, if not the best, classes I have ever had the pleasure to take.

  This class has challenged me in my previous thoughts and (as truly cliche as it sounds) has helped me see the world in a new light. Everyday is mind-boggling. Learning is fun again! When you can learn about how your mind works, why you think the way you do, what’s led to those weird quirks of yours, how to, quite frankly, just do life better, and more, on your average Tuesday, it’s not hard to see why this is the best part of my schedule!

  Take my word for it, make room in your day. I pinky promise you will not regret it.



And even after all this, if you still choose to disregard my humble advice, for the sake of your high school career, please instead consider (or just take them with AP Psych cus why not) :

Practical Leadership with Plaster and Davis

Textiles I or II with Silvey

Newspaper or KNET with Higgins

History of the Holocaust with Deaver