Humans of Liberty North: Taylor Davis


Lyndsey Cooper, Reporter

Everyone has that one thing in their life that is their escape from reality. For freshman Taylor Davis, that escape is hockey. Davis has been surrounded by the sport from a very young age, just at 7 years old Davis was already on the ice. Hockey is more than just a sport for Davis.

“Hockey is a good getaway from reality. Not only is it something for me to focus my time on and keep me busy, it’s also a healthy way for me to make new friends through communication,” Davis said. 

From skating on ice to hitting pucks around on the ice with the team, Davis has really built a strong connection with all her teammates.

“It feels comforting to know that I have people there for me and friends that will last a lifetime, and people who will support me through everything I go through,” Davis said. 

Not only is Davis just spending time with her teammates at practice, she is also on the road traveling with them from time to time for competitions. 

“My favorite place I’ve traveled to is Indiana or Nashville. In Indiana we got to walk around Notre Dame and in Nashville we got to walk around downtown since we weren’t able to do much with COVID,” Davis said. 

But with COVID-19 taking place, it has really put a strain on the team’s capability of being able to compete one on one.

“With COVID-19 it’s been weird, before COVID-19 it was so much fun and we always traveled places and got to know each other and we spent a lot of time together as a team. It has been pretty good. I’ve learned to do a lot of things and focus on a lot of skills,” Davis said. 

With not competing as much Davis has really been able to focus on certain skills and better herself as a teammate. Davis has been playing for quite some time now, so you can imagine how dedicated she is. 

“I am interested in playing hockey in my future, I would like to go to Notre Dame as a D1 athlete to play hockey,” Davis said.