Humans of Liberty North: Callie Farrell

Meadow Robertson, Reporter

With family at the center of it all, history teacher and cheer coach Callene Farrell knows how important it is to have support from the sidelines, even with a very busy schedule. With this in mind, she’s never afraid to give a helping hand and cheer on her students. 

“In 2021, my family life is busy. My husband and I both coach and teach, so it’s filled with lots of athletes, lots of students, lots of time away from home. But also, we go to each other’s events, so it’s also filled with lots of family time,” Farrell said.

With over 100 students and her leadership role among her extracurricular life, she’s constantly running around, but enjoying every second of it.

“We’re together at events, where a lot of times I’ll take my son to his (Mr. Farrell’s) basketball game or football game, so we still experience sporting events together,” Farrell said.

Even with such a busy and time consuming lineup of activities, she still finds enjoyment in supporting her husband in his academic and athletic endeavors. With a jam packed and full active life, events crossover where she’s able to enjoy the presence of the important people in her life.

“Family for us is very active, so we really like to be outside, to play games, to just enjoy things we like to do together,” Farrell said.

 It doesn’t matter what the activity may be, long  as they are together while participating. Amusement and fun comes in all shapes and sizes. For her husband and son, it’s anything with team building and partnership, making a cohesive unit where one cheers for the other. 

“It’s a very interesting, lively household, filled with lots of laughter, fun, competitiveness,” Farrell said.

Mrs. Farrell actively brings home life and personality to school. With an exciting and interesting way of teaching, her class has a welcoming energy. 

“It’s always been packed full of sporting events and activities,” Farrell said. 

“In college I was very active in sports. I was gone a lot for college but I always made a point to go home on the weekends because my parents have always been a huge part of my life,” Farrell said.

As an only child, all support was for her, which she reflects now. 

“We’ve always been very family driven, it’s important to spend time with the important people around you.” Farrell said.