Senior Spotlight: Ava Wolesky

Morgan Griffin

Showstopping. The term is defined as someone that performs so well they receive an abnormal amount of applause. Senior Ava Wolesky can be seen as a showstopping actress. She has performed in many theatrical productions and has received or been nominated for many awards including The Jimmy Awards. The Jimmy Awards involves 72 actors from all over the country where they all work on a rehearsal and then audition in front of a panel of judges.

After weeks of prep, all 72 of the Jimmys nominees rehearsed, workshopped, and eventually auditioned for a panel of NYC casting directors and significant artists. Out of the 72 nominees, 8 finalists were selected, 4 boys, and 4 girls,” Wolesky said.

   The Jimmy Awards are considered the most prestigious for many high school actors. They give high schoolers the opportunity to work with and learn from other young performers. 

   “I was lucky enough to be selected as a finalist and through this, I had the opportunity to perform during The Jimmy Awards and I was awarded a scholarship. Despite my disbelief and instant nerves, I was ecstatic when I learned that I had been selected as a finalist,” Wolesky said.


13 Interesting Fact about Ava Wolesky

  1. Wolesky has a website that includes her projects, plenty of photos for her shows, and videos of some of the songs she has done for performances.
  2. Wolesky’s favorite music artist is Phoebe Bridgers.
  3. She also enjoys the music genres Alternative, Rock, and Singer-Songwriter
  4. Her latest binge-watch was the comedy-drama, Ted Lasso. This inspired the name of her dog.
  5. Wolesky has been in about 40 performances
  6. Her favorite performances were A Charlie Brown Christmas, Cinderella, and Seussical.
  7. She currently enjoys the musical Into the Woods.
  8. Her plans for college are to pursue a BFA in Musical Theatre and is undecided where. 
  9. If Wolesky was to have a superpower, it would be the ability to play every instrument or speak every language.
  10. Her favorite vacation was to Maine because of the beauty of the state, the large amount of blueberries, and all the whales she saw.
  11. If she had to choose a last meal, it would be a Thanksgiving dinner.
  12. Her favorite Disney broadway show is The Lion King.
  13. Wolesky broke her thumb on the last day of school in 7th grade and ended up having a constant thumbs up for the duration of the summer.

Wolesky was also featured on page 20 of the October issue of the Eagle’s View. Check it out HERE. 

Video by Grace Johnson