New AD Lane Green


Madison Gabbert

Q&A with Liberty North new Athletic Director Lane Green

COLE: Tell us a little about your background

Green: I grew up in the Kansas city area, born in Independence, Graduated in Shawnee Mission South High School and went to the University of Kansas, where I got my degree in news editorial and public relations. My first job out of college was with the Dallas Mavericks and sold season tickets. Later I became a girls Varsity Basketball coach at Shawnee Mission East and a business teacher as well. The rest of my resume is up to date.

HAILEY: Can you elaborate on the selection process for a new AD? Was it stressful for you knowing that there are always good candidates for this kind of job? 

Green: Yes it was stressful. It’s always a lot of stress when you’re applying for a job, but my dad always told me that it’s a lot less stressful when you get a job coming from a good job, rather than coming from unemployment. And I really enjoy where I currently work in the Blue Valley school district, GREAT PEOPLE. In a sense though, yes because I’ve heard so many great things about the Liberty School District but at the same time it wasn’t overwhelmingly stressful.

TIM: What is the most exciting thing you are looking forward to coming into this new role?

GREEN: For the past ten years, I have had to work from the district office rather than at a school and I’m excited to get out of the boring office and get to the excitement of being at a school building.

COLE:Being the Director of Athletics and Activities for a whole district of 4 6A and 1 5A high school teams is a huge accomplishment. How do you plan on transitioning to being the AD of just 1 6A school? 

GREEN: When going to past games for my previous district, I would know the players names but not them personally. The coolest thing coming to Liberty is to know that person inside the football helmet.

Elaina: While Blue Valley and Liberty North rarely have any meetings, what have you heard/ what do you know about Liberty North’s athletic success?

LANE: For one thing I know you had an amazing football team last year, the ability to go deep into the postseason in Missouri is harder because there are so many more schools. I know you all have really strong spots programs for a school that is only 10 years old.

Michael: Blue Valley being a Kansas school going up against big names such as St. Thomas Aquinas and Bishop Miege year after year, what is it like basically changing your rhythm of Kansas athletics and becoming the AD of a school in Missouri?

GREEN: it will be different, I’m going from a league of 8 schools to a league of about 26 schools. And I’m looking forward to seeing more different schools.

Jaden: As you have probably heard, our school has an excellent broadcast program that wants to be able to cover as many games as possible. Coming from a journalism background, how do you think you will team up with us so that we can make quality productions?

GREEN: Accessibility, I always want to be accessible to you guys. I believe in serving the local news first and you’re as local as it gets. I want to work with you and respect you as if you are professional journalists. You play a critical role in your school.

MADISON: Liberty North has debatably one of the best student sections in the Northland, how much of an impact does a student section of our caliber have on a sporting event? Madison

GREEN: Humongous! And I think any student athlete would tell you when a huge crowd shows up to the game it gives them an edge. It really makes a big difference on the road too. I really want those student sections to show up at all sports, not just football and basketball, it means a lot to those sports when there’s a great home crowd.

Cole: Speaking on Student Section rivalries, Liberty North only has 1 true rivalry w/ Liberty High School. How is 1 team different from 4 or 5 schools like in Blue Valley?

GREEN: I’ve never really been in that situation, so I’m about to find out what’s like. I’ve been to schools with great rivals though. One thing to make a rivalry a great rivalry would be for two teams to have a game to support something (like charity)

Michael: Last year, our football team really started to iron things out and under coach Greg Jones, our guys went 10-1 on the year. How do you think your involvement as the new AD could help them in their success?

GREEN: By staying out of the way. I have so much respect for coach Jones. My role as an AD is to everything I can is to make everything they do easy. That’s what I want to do for every single coach at Liberty North High School.

Michael: as we come to an end is there anything you would like to address?

GREEN: yeah, the most intimidating thing for a job like this is taking over the job of a great guy. I feel like I’m the qb who would take Patrick Mahomes’ job. The best way I can do that is to earn the trust of the players, coaches, and staff.

Madison Gabbert