Let’s Get That Bread

October 30, 2018

“Let’s get that bread” in a phrase commonly used by the students on the Liberty North High School Forensics team, also commonly known as the Speech and Debate team. The season for Speech and Debate started on October twelfth. As a team, each member goes out and competes in their own individual event (IE’s) and some compete in debate events. These some of these events include Dramatic Interpretation, Original Oratory, Program of Oral Interpretation, Lincoln-Douglas debate and so many more.

“I do a lot of events, but currently I’m doing HI and original oratory. HI is humorous interpretation so this is more humorous based, you have a plot that you have to follow but need to make it fun and have multiple characters. I really enjoy original oratory, it’s kinda like having an argument and then using some facts and personal experiences to tie into why your argument is important,” junior Makayla Armstead said.

   There have been two tournaments since the season started. The first tournament was at Kickapoo High School in Springfield and the second one was at Park Hill High School in Kansas City. At Park Hill High School, The Liberty North Speech and Debate team won third place overall at Park Hill High School. This was a very exciting title for the team to win.

  “When we all win it is always better than when a few of us win. It is nice when anyone does well, even if it is just ranking well and going to semi-finals and not even finals. If the overall team does well it is a really positive feeling and we are all just ecstatic and super pumped,” Armstead said.

  To get excited up for competing the team uses phrases like, let’s get that bread, grind time, and get hyped. The teammates tell each other these things to help boost confidence and excitement. Competing is a very nerve-racking thing and using these sayings can help calm the nerves of an individual as well as helping get the competitors excited.

   “I personally use the phrase get hyped, I like to say it to people before their rounds because it is two words and easy to remember. Saying these type of phrases help me to calm my nerves because I personally cannot be nervous when I am hyped. If I have energy beyond my wildest dreams and am hyped, then I cannot feel my nerves, they are just gone,” Armstead said.

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