Holiday Traditions are Different for Everyone

December 12, 2018

Since the holidays are coming up, people are getting ready for their usual traditions. For some here, they are getting ready to travel far or getting ready for their extended family to travel here to have a traditional holiday dinner and open presents together. Being able to spend time with family and friends is considered to be a huge part of holiday traditions all over the world.

“During the holidays, every year is different. Since I have such a big family, sometimes we travel or they travel here. When we are all together it can get hectic at times, but we always find a way to have fun together. We have dinner like usual, then we play games while the little ones watch a movie or somehow find their own way to have fun. That’s one way it can get kind of hectic,” junior Bella Sears said.

Places around the world celebrate different things around Christmas time. Some cultures are not big on Christmas or do not even celebrate it at all. Religions are the same way. Depending on what people’s beliefs are or where they live affects any kind of holiday, not just Christmas.

“I am from the Netherlands, so we have never really celebrated Christmas. We celebrate Sinterklaas or Sint-Nicolaas, Germany does the same. He is the patron saint of children. We have a big dinner with our whole family to celebrate Saint Nicholas on the 6th of December every year,” junior Emilie DeKejin said.

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