All About Creative Loops

November 25, 2019

   There are many different clubs at Liberty North High School. Some students may not know what clubs there are or what activities they might do. Students may not have even heard of Creative Loops, which meets Wednesdays after school in the Library Media Center.      

   “Creative Loops is a club that mostly focuses around crocheting and knitting but it also is pretty much anything that has to do with making things with loops. We do things other than knitting and crocheting, we also make friendship bracelets and make decorations. We sometimes have stuff that goes along with a holiday so I’ll make like a little ghost around Halloween time,” sophomore Jamison Lewis said. 

   Changes are happening often, Creative Loops is experiencing some new things this year compared to last year. 

   “Last year it was mostly our friend group and we met in Mr. Fulkerson’s classroom, this year more people are joining and we now meet in the Library. So this year more people are seeing our club. I think they are joining because we’re a close-knit group of people and we are really fun to be around. Crocheting and knittings actually a lot more fun than people think it is,” sophomore Leah DeGarmo said. 

   There are many different things that crocheting and knitting could help to prevent or help you to reduce. 

   “Creative Loops helps to teach people the skill of reading patterns. Creative Loops is also good [for your health] because knitting and crocheting can help to lower your chance of getting Alzheimer’s. It can help with your memory, anxiety levels, and dexterity. So just all in all creative loops can help you in the long run,” sophomore Alaina Fulkerson said. 

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