AVID Explained

November 16, 2018

   AVID Is a program that has snuck under a lot of noses. With the intention of evening out the achievement gap, AVID  provides specialized instruction to those in abnormal situations.

   “We work with a variety of students who may need a little more academic support. They have a wide range of family demographics that may qualify them for the program. It stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. We are looking for individuals who are self-motivated, but perhaps haven’t always had the best opportunities to be as successful as they can be,” AVID instructor Steven Person said. 

   The AVID program does a lot of untraditional instruction to make their program effective.

   “We teach them study habits, we give them structures and methodologies that are supposed to help them in their classrooms, we teach them in a non-subject related way. We teach them to work on collaborative assignments, we teach them to take notes, we have them keep binders in a particular way. We advocate on their behalf, we monitor their grades, we ask questions, we act as a Liaison for them and their teachers,” Person said. 

   Avid originally was only available to students who were suggested by teachers, but soon they will open up an application process.

   “This year there is a formal application they have to fill out online. It includes a short essay about why they want to be included, what they think they might get out of it, and what they need help with, the desire they have. We can kind of screen kids after that and then conduct interviews. We’re hoping to add two freshmen classes and another section of sophomores. If you need additional information, you can contact Mrs. Fletcher, and then very soon there will be a QR code or link that will take you to the application,” Person said. 

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