New Music October 2022

Ash Merenbloom, Reporter

     In 2022, artists such as Lizzo and Harry Styles, who both reached Billboard’s top 50 songs globally, produced and released the albums Special and Harry’s House. More albums from various musicians are expected soon. Here are four other artists planning to release new music this October. 

Image from: Kansas Bracken

     An American singer-songwriter Chloe Moriondo is releasing her sophomore album, SUCKERPUNCH, with thirteen tracks on October 7. Moriondo describes the album as a slap in the face with a futuristic pop-punk sound. “It means the world to me to have the creative means to explore different shiny sounds and work with people I love so dearly on a project that is so new and exciting to me,” Moriondo said. Some of the tracks on her new album include “Popstar”, “Hotel For Clowns”, “Plastic Purse”, and “Diet Heartbreak”. Two of her songs on the album, “Fruity” and “Hell Hounds”, were pre-released singles that she added. 


English pop-rock band, The 1975, whose release date for Being Funny In A Foreign Language is October 14. The album will have eleven tracks such as “The 1975”, “Oh Caroline”, “Wintering”, and the pre-released single “Part Of The Band”. They began writing the album in 2021 and revealed to their fans the plan for a new album through postcards. The 1975 struggled with the original producer for the album, BJ Burton, but focused on their strengths to ensure they got the sound they aspired to have. The band will be going on an international tour starting in North America on November 3 in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Image from: Kansas Bracken


     With 7,932,394 likes on her Instagram post for her new album, millions of people are excited for Midnights from Taylor Swift, dropping on October 21. “Afterwards, the phrase ‘meet me at midnight’ was trending, with fans anticipating information about the new album,” an article from Today says. The album consists of thirteen songs representing the number of sleepless nights she’s had. Swift describes Midnights as a “journey through terrors and sweet dreams”. Her Instagram post from August 28 confirmed through a poetry-like description that the album is about finding yourself amid hardship. Swift has also created Target exclusives for records and special CDs. The exclusives are jade green, blood moon, mahogany, and lavender versions of the records. These editions come with a special CD with three bonus tracks, disc artwork, and a lyric booklet with rare pictures. 

     Lastly, set to release on October 28, is alternative-indie artist Kailee Morgue’s album Girl Next Door. Though Morgue has many singles, this will only be her second album. The album will have twelve songs such as “Arizona Pretty”, “Trainwreck”, “Sellout”, and “Falling From The Sky” featuring singer-songwriter KiNG MALA. She announced her album at the end of the horror-inspired music video for her single “End Of My Life”, a song about feeling behind her peers at a young age. Songs “End Of My Life”, “Trainwreck”, “Another Day in Paradise”, and “Loser” are pre-released singles. 

     You can listen to the pre-released singles from Chloe Moriondo, The 1975, and Kailee Morgue here: