Musical Day at the K (The Kauffman Center, That Is)

Photos courtesy of Santana Cervantes


Santana Cervantes, Reporter


Last Friday, Liberty North’s choirs, band, and orchestra attended a free concert at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts hosted by UMKC’s fine arts department. I went with the Women’s Honor Choir and I have to say, it was phenomenal.

I loved how UMKC displayed many different forms of music through instruments, vocals, and dance. Each act of the show flowed into another, almost like a story setting. One part would be instruments, and then the next would be the choir or a dancer. It was really interesting but fascinating at the same time.

It was such a joy to see performers showcase their talents in front of big audiences. That really takes a lot of courage.

Both directors of the fine arts department talked to us about loving music and hopefully attending UMKC for fine arts. After seeing so many amazing performers of different backgrounds and talents, I am definitely putting UMKC in my college list. And I will especially be attending another show at the Kauffman Center. It was truly an honor being there that day. I am very blessed to experience such an amazing performance.