League Worlds Championship


Zack Zell, Web Team

The League of Legends World Championship, or more commonly known as Worlds, is an organized tournament between the top 2 seeds of each region of the world, from places like Seoul, South Korea, to a place such as North America. The 13 regions competing in the 2017 Worlds Championship in China, being the host chosen for the tournament, are Brazil, China, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Europe, Japan, Korea (South), Northern Latin America, Southern Latin America, North America, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Taiwan along with Hong Kong and Macau (LMS), and Turkey.

Korea, doing predominantly well in the previous two worlds showings, have 3 teams representing the nation without having to go through the Play-in stage. China, Europe, North America, and the LMS will have a minimum of 2 teams representing them, in addition to the 4 teams that made it through the play-in stage, and one team that would be chosen based on the Mid-Season Invitational results. In the 2017 Play-in stage, the four teams that made it into the actual Groups stage were from NA, Europe, China, and Turkey, adding a 3rd seed to each of these regions respectively.

The issue of being in a different region than where the championship is located is that since the tournament is across the world,  fans in NA would have to wait until the early morning to watch any teams play live. Although the games take place in the early morning for North America, the English stream for the tournament easily breaks one-hundred seventy-five thousand live viewers at any certain time.  But, the good part of the worlds tournament is that the early morning broadcasts are rebroadcast around 12 hours later for any of the other fans around the world in different time-zones.