Places to eat in KC


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In Kansas City, there are so many diverse places to eat. But, it can make it difficult to choose where to go. So, here are four places to eat around the Kansas City area.

First, Longboards. At Longboards the signature meals are wraps and bowls. The main meal is, “Thai Bowl”, inside the Thai Bowl there is, “Chicken, Thai peanut sauce, and crushed peanuts.”My favorite meal to order is the 619 wrap. It is so delicious and is great for a filling meal. Inside of Longboards, the atmosphere is relaxed, homey, and welcoming. They have colorful decor and comfortable seating. There is free seating, no wait required. It is great to have a casual lunch or early dinner with the family. The restaurant gives a tropical feel and is nice when you want a break from the typical midwestern meals. 

Secondly, Sorella’s. Sorella’s is a quaint deli and Italian restaurant.  Inside Sorella’s is a small quiet environment. It’s a warm atmosphere and the main foods you will find there are sandwiches and pasta. It is the perfect place to go for a comforting dinner. Sorella’s makes you feel right at home and is a great place to sit down and enjoy a meal. 

The third place in Kansas City is Luigi’s Italian restaurant. Luigi’s has a warm feel and is very family-friendly. At Luigi’s, some of the main courses are, “Create your own Pasta, and Pizza’s.” Luigi’s is a fantastic place to eat a simple meal with friends. Great for that comforting environment when you just need to relax after a long day. 

Finally Lidia’s. Lidia’s is a fancy Italian restaurant, with a business casual feel. It can be a great place to go when you have a business dinner or when there is a special occasion like homecoming or prom. Lidia’s is a wonderful place to go when you need to feel like the main character. With the luxurious environment, you will be able to sit down and fantasize about being the main character.

Next time when you are out and about and wondering where to go you can look back at this article and remember these fantastic places to eat in KC.