Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Launch Review

November 20, 2019

On November first, the Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star makeup collaboration went live. The launch had mirrors, makeup bags, a full-sized eyeshadow pallet, a mini pallet, 6 liquid lipsticks, and one clear gloss. The website crashed for a couple of hours but the entire launch sold out.

The eyeshadow pallet “Conspiracy” is able to create neutral and party looks. The eyeshadows are creamy and carry high pigment, which also means some of the shades can stain the skin. The case is unique and it’s good quality and very few of the pallets shipped ended up breaking. Even without eyeshadow primer, the eyeshadows lasted all day and did not crease. The only other issue besides some slight staining is there is a major fall out with many of the shadows. The eyeshadow pallet is $52.00.

The lipstick shades and formula are fantastic. They all smell like root beer and the set arrived in a pig-shaped container. The formula lasts almost all day and only comes off with oil and sometimes water. The formula is very lightweight and blends nicely into the lips. The lipsticks do stain slightly but light exfoliation (or a toothbrush) removes any leftover pigment. They all dry down, even the metallics which can cause your lips to dry out. The lipsticks also work well as an eyeliner! It stayed in place all day and only transferred on the lid slightly. For all of the lipsticks, the retail cost is $90.00.

A restock of the products should take place in 2020, but they should also be more prepared for the high volumes of people on the website. There is not an official release date set, but Shane and Jeffree post more information on their social media. This makeup line is made in the launch with a series about what goes into producing products. Only a couple more episodes are left in the series!

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