The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe Play

Jackson Faulkner

The winter play has been in progress, coming at the end of this week and everyone is finishing up the rehearsal and technology cues to make a great show.

The final two weeks this year have been a bit of a challenge because we had two snow days last week which is difficult for us because it’s the time that we’re putting everything together, so we lost two days of putting everything together. We came in on Saturday and did a bunch of work. We’re performing this Thursday for the elementary schools so we have to have everything done by Wednesday night, so we’re cutting it kind of close” Director David Young said.

The whole cast and crew have multiple strengths which helps the whole production come together.

“I think the biggest strength of the crew would be how fun we can make the shows. These plays cost long nights and hours of work, but the cast can still make it fun and lighthearted. We are all tired toward the end but somehow still up, working, and laughing.” Sabrina Madison said.

Every role in the production plays an important part in the show, whether it’s a lead role or adding affect to the show in different, unique ways.

“In the play I am actually a stone statue which doesn’t seem like a big part but it adds to the effect of certain scenes about how horrible of a queen the White Witch is. I am also a scary person on the evil side which once again shows how much of a entourage and subjects the white witch has which ads to the fight scene later on,” Sophomore Sophia Tulipana said.