Sports Marketing Scores with the Student Section

  There are many behind the scene aspects that go into just a normal Friday night football game. For instance, the halftime shows need to be planned, the themes need to be chosen for the student section, and most of all just the basic promoting of the games to get the word out to our school. Our Friday night lights that are full of fun and excitement for all ages, would look nothing like they do now if it wasn’t for our Sports Marketing program.

  “To get more attendance of students this year we are really boosting our social media. We are constantly posting about the games, themes, what students can win, and pictures trying to show the fun”, senior Brooklyn Barnett said.

  It is important while reaching out to the target market that they use sources that everyone is involved in. In our time today, social media plays a big role in most high school students lives which make it a great resource to use, especially for games that aren’t on a Friday.

  “Yes, it’s hard to promote Thursday night games because some people don’t want to stay out on a school night, so we’re trying to use our best promotions and themes for those nights”, senior Anne Woody said.

  Themes do play a big role in the attendance and participation of students. The better the themes mean the more excited the students become. Also, the unique themes really give students an opportunity to go all. Not only are these ideas fun, but they bring the body of our school closer as well. They all have a common goal, which is to support our football team in the best way possible.

  “Our themes this year will be fun. We are going to keep our normal navy and gold rush, but we are adding other fun dress up themes like camo and super hero that students can really get into”, sophomore James Perry said.