Maintaining Sanity in Quarantine



Elaina Gorton

What do you do when you’re stuck inside a box all day? 

This question has confronted millions of people during the coronavirus pandemic as they are forced to stay in their homes to help prevent the spread of the disease. While many of us are able to keep ourselves occupied by working remotely from home, work can’t fill up our entire day. 

A few Liberty North students weighed in on what they do to balance out the work-life balance issue during the quarantine:

“Some of the things I do to keep me from going insane are talking with my friends over Google Hangouts and I doodle in my sketchbook. Sometimes it’s just complete chaos in my sketchbook and complete chaos on Google Hangouts.” said junior Madison Thomas. 

Art seems to be a common thread in coping with quarantine, “Some of the things that have kept me sane during quarantine have been drawing. I’ve always loved to draw and it’s always been a hobby of mine…I’ve also been able to read a whole lot more, so I’ve basically gotten to read some of the books that were kind of just sitting on my shelf and collecting dust,” junior Jenna Darnell said

Other students take a more care-free approach to quarantine, “I’ve just been vibing,” said junior Makenna Bruns. She said that she prefers to, “go with the flow during life”. In fact, Bruns wrote a poem to illustrate her method of coping, 

“I vibe over here,

I vibe over there, 

Why I can vibe

Just about anywhere!

(Except not because of quarantine)”

Students take a variety of approaches to cope with isolation, and how you deal with it all depends on your personality and interests. Just find what’s best for you. So stay occupied, stay safe, and stay sane, North Nation.