LNHS ACT Prep Class

A Unique opportunity to take an ACT prep class through the school for the upcoming test has opened up.

“I got to review things that I hadn’t seen since 8th grade which was very helpful. The teachers also gave us helpful tips to make the test go a little faster,” senior Briana Byrd said.

New insight from teachers who know the test well may be helpful to some students.

“It’s cheaper and more accessible. I’ve learned a few tricks to help me move faster and not to waste as much time,” junior Alison Gatzmeyer said.

In addition to learning tips and tricks students also can practice with past ACT tests.

“I believe work from old tests and have more exposure to the makeup of the test,” Counselor Jill Brock said.

This class may be especially helpful to students who haven’t had any practice before and don’t have any other prep classes they are planning on taking.

    “I have heard both arguments. Some students say it is beneficial and others have said it is a waste of time. If you do not have any other prep classes lined up, and you have $60, I would try the LNHS/LHS prep course. It wouldn’t hurt to see what it is about,” Counselor Jill Brock said.
   Just keep an open mind and you might be surprised at how much these prep classes can help you improve.
    “I didn’t go in wanting to learn anything, I honestly didn’t have any hope for it. I didn’t think that I would be able to learn anything in that amount of time, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much they helped me prepare for the test,” Byrd said.