Crazy Coffee in Liberty, MO


Image from: Shutterstock

Makena Dickens, Editor in Chief of Design

Being a coffee enthusiast and a certified lazy person, I tend to stay pretty local when looking for my daily cup of joe. Liberty, Missouri has an extensive collection of coffee shops, at least enough to satisfy my need for caffeine. 

Starbucks is a fan favorite amongst almost all my friends. It is very dependable and its fall menu has everyone excited. I most often get an iced chai latte or a cold brew. Both in my opinion are exquisite. I also am a very big fan of their pumpkin loaf and the almond croissant. There are four locations in Liberty, one in the Hyvee, one in Target, one at 1915 Star Drive The Shoppes, Liberty, MO, and one at 10410 NE Cookingham Dr, Kansas City, MO. 

Caribou Coffee is located at 300 N State Rte 291, Liberty, MO next to the Hyvee Gas Station. The inside is very welcoming and very pleasant compared to the hustle and bustle of Starbucks. I usually order an iced turtle mocha with dark chocolate. It literally makes my day better. I have gotten their cold brew as well and while it was good, I was definitely not blown away. The coffee cake is to die for. It is so moist and flavorful and it just makes for a lovely experience. 

Over Flow Coffee House is located at 1005 Middlebrook Dr. Ste E, Liberty, MO, behind the Sonic on Hwy 291. Its open floor plan makes it a great area to work on school, meet up with friends, or discuss newspaper ideas. I personally love that when you order for-here, you get an actual mug that holds your drink of choice. I have gotten a multitude of hot drinks and they certainly satisfied the caffeine addiction. With a vast collection of food as well, you will almost not want to leave. I love their Nutella crepe. 

Hammerhand Coffee is located at 49 W Mill St Unit 109, Liberty, MO. Along with being a coffee shop, they also make their own coffee beans. I tend to get either the cold brew or the vanilla cinnamon flat white. Both are the epitome of wonderful. Their breakfast burritos also are amazing for anyone wanting a hot breakfast item. Its new location gives their customers access to plenty of seating and a great space for meeting up with friends. 

Because of the number of coffee sellers in Liberty, I was not able to cover them all. But I think this list represents the majority of the amazing places where you can get coffee right here in Liberty, MO.