The Terrific Tennis Team

October 2, 2018

Tennis is a sport that is often played and there is a women’s and men’s team here at Liberty North. There are pros and cons to about every sport.

“My favorite thing about tennis every day we just leave the bad things behind and we play. We’re always in a good mood, it’s a tennis family. We love each other and we get out and destroy,” freshman Mary Lehnardt said.

Tennis is similar to paying Ping Pong or Table Tennis but life-sized. Some of these players from the women’s team have at least one thing they don’t like about it.

“The anticipation before a match when we are just sitting and waiting to play is not all that fun.” freshman Brooke Rowe said.

For others, they love everything about it.

“I don’t have a least favorite thing, everything’s so fun, there really is never a bad day. We just go out and hit some balls, I love tennis, it’s really HOT so we get sweaty but it’s all part of the sport,” Lehnardt said.

There are new Tennis courts that were just built this year here at Liberty North.

“I’m really excited about the new courts because we can practice right after school instead of going in the afternoon and we can have our own home matches here at LN,” sophomore Delaney Church said.

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