Swinging Through Senior Year

Two seniors answered questions and talked about their experience’s from the years of them playing.


Ali Engelage, Reporter

When going into high school, all types of people conform into smaller little groups. Some do band or choir, and some do football or track. Seniors Brooke Rasmussen and Anna Bauer chose tennis as their activity.

“I started playing tennis because my friends were trying it out and it seemed fun and I wanted a sport where I was able to play with friends,”  Bauer said. 

The seniors have many feelings concerning their experiences and their last year of playing for the Liberty North High School tennis team.

 “Playing tennis has been a very exciting and fun experience for me,”  Rasmussen said. 

Anna Bauer had similar feelings. Experiences are different depending on the person and what they’re good at and not as good at.

 “It’s been a fun experience and the connection I’ve been able to make with everyone on the team has been amazing,” Senior Bauer said. 

Both seniors have played tennis at Liberty North for four years and have created a special bond with the coaches and the players on the team. 

 “I’m really going to miss the coaches and getting to see them every day, they have been such an impact in my life, I’ll miss seeing them around and getting to make jokes with them,” Rasmussen said. 

Playing a high school sport allows a player and person to create connections and relationships that many will miss once it’s over.

“I’m going to miss being able to play with my friends and playing a competitive sport because I’m not going to carry on and play this once I go to college,” Bauer said. 

Like with every sport, there are rules set to ensure safety and competition. Within the rules, there are many challenges that will make or break a tennis player. 

“With there being so many rules to tennis it’s hard to remember and keep up with everything, but the most challenging is having to be consistent with serves,” Rasmussen said. 

This is the final year both seniors will get the chance to play tennis on the Liberty North team, which can be either a good thing or a moment of realization waiting to happen.

“For my last year here at North, I hope to make the most memories I’m able to with everyone on the team,” Bauer said.