Liberty North Golden Girls

October 24, 2019

   The Liberty North Golden Girl dance team is dancing their way to the top. They are working hard every day to become the best they can be, and pushing themselves to limits some students may have not realized or understood that dancers would or could do, and the girls seem to be having so much fun doing it.

   “We have a really good group of girls and we are all really close. That helps the team out a lot. We are all getting used to being together for long periods of time, which helps us bond and when we bond the team spirit is just happier all around and we can all feel that,” junior Amelia Snedigar said. 

   The Golden Girls perform every home football game, and they are the opening act with the band, they practice every week for their performance. 

   “Friday nights give me the best emotions. Waking up in the morning I’m excited, going to school I’m excited, after school I’m excited. I can’t wait for Fridays. They don’t make me as nervous as they used too, I’ve gotten used to it, but sometimes I still get butterflies in my stomach before the games,” junior Makenzie Horn said. 

   Some students may not understand the work put into being a dancer, and how much work, practice, and mentality it takes to be able to perform in front of a whole school, plus some. 

   “I think the feeling it gives me is my favorite part. Friday Nights give me a feeling that nobody could understand unless they were in my or one of the other girl’s shoes, performing the way we do on Friday nights. It is seriously a feeling I will miss forever once it’s gone so I try to appreciate that as much as I can.” Snedigar said. 

   Playing any sport(s) in high school can put a lot of pressure onto some kids because of the amount of extra work they might have to put in to be able to maintain grades, get good and healthy amounts of sleep, and still have a life outside of school and dance. 

   “To dance, you have to put hard work into it. I think a lot of people might think dance is just a whatever sport and don’t know what actually goes into it. I know that outside of school I’m still always working, always practicing, trying to perfect anything I can. The girls that are on the team here are some of the most determined people I know, we all work very hard to be good at the sport we love,” Sophomore Tyci O’Quinn said.

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