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Liberty North Girls Swim

Liberty North Girls Swim

October 24, 2019

   Liberty North girls swim starting in November has a strong team with hard work pushed from coaches. The girls practice from 4 every day after school until 6, and on Saturday from 6 am to 8 am. 

   “The season does get stressful because when I get home I eat dinner, shower and it’s already 7 pm by that time and I have 2 hours to do homework before I go to bed which keeps me up till 11 or 12 at night. We practice every day except for Sundays if there’s no cancellation right after school closer to 4 pm till 6 but then on Saturday it’s from 6 am to 8 am.” Junior Kayla Minck said.

   There are swimmers who can push through the stress and eventually overcome it and be grateful for it in the end. They’ll say once the season gets going and there’s a steady routine that giving up isn’t an option, it’s self-motivation and motivation from the team that improves scores and records all throughout.

   “Just keep pushing through it, you can’t give up so you keep going. Times start cutting so you’re more motivated. Your times keep getting faster with self-motivation and especially motivation from the team. All the girls, they’re always happy, it brings in huge team energy. I’m excited to see the new girls that join the team. Last year we had a huge team and made it to state and I want to watch the girls go there,” Junior Megan Shaughnessey said.

   A few team members are looking forward to seeing who will bring the best to the team and what the new girls will show for them also, hoping their a supportive team to bring everyone in on the win.

   “The coaches want us to cheer on the swimmers when they’re in the lanes more often because at swim meets it’s not a big deal, so they’re wanting the teammates cheering them on at the end of the lanes to put on more big energy,” Shaughnessey said.

   One of the swimmers at least feels ready for this season and is ready to see where the season will bring their team and how far they can get with everyone and the big team energy to put out moral support for each teammate when swimming in the competition.

   “I feel ready to go again this year, but it really does depend on the boy’s team though since last year our time was pushed back since their season was still going. The people I’m around are really nice, they cheer you on when you’re doing a meet or when your not into swimming that day but when I go it makes me happier and I get a break from things. Unless it’s Wednesday and we do German sets,” Minck said.

   The coaches expect results out of their team and they make those expectations set just as any other coach would in their team. That they push themselves and continue to work on the goal they set so it can be achieved before the season ends.

   “They want us to do everything at practice, don’t short it, show up on time, go all out. Don’t complain and have a good attitude,” Shaugnessey said.

   Expectations from the coaches include athletes pushing themselves so they can go farther than they did last year and have high hopes for the incoming swimmers but it’s also anticipating to see where the team can go.

   “I want to place higher at state, we’re aiming for the top 4, we won conference last year so we’re wanting to come back and take that. There’s hope for returning girls to build on their time from last year and for the younger newer girls to fill in the holes that the graduated seniors left since we had 3 that were on the state team,” Head Coach Mark Warner sain.

   Being a coach means being able to see each individual athlete’s ability and where they can go on their own and how far they can make it as a team. 

   “The best part about being able to coach this team is seeing the potential the girls have and what they can accomplish as a team. It’s amazing to see the benefits these girls get from hard work and what they get out of it since we got 7th in the state last year and we’d like to place higher this year,” Warner said.

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