Softball Season Takeaways

Softball Season Takeaways

Grace Moore, General Editor

   The Lady Eagles season came to an early end on Friday, October 6th losing to the Kearney Bulldogs. The score was six to one going into the top of the fourth inning where the game quickly took a turn for the worse. Pitching began to allow runs and the defense had multiple errors. Hits were also not produced when needed.

   “The game started off in our favor with scoring a run in the bottom of the first. We played really good until the fourth inning where little mistakes were the key turning point of the game”, senior Lexi Parks said.

  Overall the girls record on the season was 15-12 behind their new coach. Although they faced the same teams as in previous years, the outcomes were nowhere near what they have been. They came up just short of both a conference title and a four peat as district champions.

  “We really struggled as a team this year. We had high expectations for ourselves coming off of what we’ve done in the past and for some reason we just couldn’t reach that. The chemistry between the players was poor and our performances showed that”, junior Sydney Goss said.

  The team is taking the negative season as a learning experience. They are looking to rebuild after losing nine seniors where seven of them were starters. The junior varsity was undefeated on their 2017-2018 season, which shows that the varsity future could be bright.

  “It’s upsetting for the players who were seniors for this to be their last season, but we are excited for players that are coming up next year. They are really fun to be around and just enjoy playing softball”, sophomore Jayme Jackson said.