Cross Country District Champions

Cross Country District Champions

Becca Saffier, Editor-in-Chief

Some people think running is easy, but there are at least fourteen people who may disagree. On Saturday, November 2, the Liberty North Cross Country Varsity teams made it look easy at the District Championship, where they placed first in both races, advancing to the State Championship. For the girls’ team, this victory was a first-time accomplishment, led by senior Sammy Laurenzo.

“Everyone knew exactly what they had to do to get to the next level.  All the girls had motivation to get to the next level. Basically, the girls’ team knew that all they really had to do is what they’ve been doing all season long, and try their best,” Laurenzo said.

In a District race, the top fifteen individuals and top two team scores qualify for State. Aside from taking first overall, five of the seven girls finished in the top fifteen.

“It felt great racing and to place third. I was proud of my race but most importantly proud of how the whole team raced. It took a lot of determination and hard work, but I think we can all agree it was all worth it,” junior Stephanie Boan said.

The boys’ varsity race was just as successful, with senior Ty Hughes taking first and six boys overall placing in the top 15.

“To get pumped on the day of Districts was fairly easy because it was Districts. It is the race we have been training for all season. We just kept telling each other that if we win this then we would be going to State,” sophomore Luke Kernell said.

The boys proved their merit despite the individual challenges that had to be overcome. When any athlete is sick, it takes that much more effort to keep one’s self motivated. Junior Dylan McCloskey experienced this during Saturday’s race.

“It felt like I couldn’t breathe the whole race because I was so congested, so all I was going for was to finish because during the race, especially after the second mile, it was unclear if I would finish. But I ended with a time of 18:10 and placed seventeenth, which is definitely not what I wanted since top 15 were All-District, but under the circumstances it seemed better than what I could have asked for,” McCloskey said.

After a long season of hard work, dedication, and teamwork, the Cross Country teams are State bound, and will be competing next Saturday in Jefferson City.

“I’m looking forward to competing at State with my teammates. We’re all going to try our best to get on the podium. And we’re all super excited,” Boan said.


Girls’ Varsity: First Place Overall

  • Sammy Laurenzo: 1st
  • Stephanie Boan: 3rd
  • Yesenia Gomez: 4th
  • Kelsey Cox: 5th
  • Lexi Nardini: 6th
  • Lilly Sieren: 19th
  • Asma Hassan: 20th
Boys’ Varsity: First Place Overall
  • Ty Hughes: 1st
  • Brandon Drew: 5th
  • Luke Kernell: 7th
  • Logan Kavanaugh: 8th
  • Austin Casel: 9th
  • Joe Barry: 11th
  • Dylan McCloskey: 17th