Christmas Prep too Early?

December 11, 2019

Christmas music is played everywhere as the holidays creep closer. This means in many stores people will be hearing Christmas music and seeing Christmas decorations until after New Year. People will start playing music just after Halloween and will decorate soon as well. Some families might even make traditions where they decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving. These Christmas themed activities are all happening before December.

People are paying less attention to Thanksgiving and even Halloween just to decorate early for Christmas. With that, stores are also putting out purchasable Christmas decorations at the same time as Halloween. Some will make extravagant designs with their decorations and have an overall theme. Those could be setting up displays where lights flash in beat with music that might play or have huge winter wonderland displays that make people feel like they’re in a winter wonderland. Others do go for more simple designs like lights around the house and that might be all, but for quite a few houses you can almost always see the Christmas tree through the window with the bright lights, intricate ornaments that could mean something different and important for each one, and on top a shining star or angel or something along those lines.

This all leads to the final thought of are people decorating for the holidays too early. A simple answer is it that people quite possibly are if they are skipping holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, but in the end, it is all for the holiday spirit of joy and happiness.

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