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All American Planning

Ella Pritchett, Reporter

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  The All American homecoming is this Saturday, September thirtieth, and people who are planning on attending are wrapping up last minute plans. They know a little of what is going to happen that night, including the theme, All American, but what people don’t know is what happens behind the scenes of one of Liberty North’s most anticipated events.

  “We really wanted to transform the aux gym, you know, because it’s go big or go home, because the theme is All American. The seniors on Student Council are all very excited, and they are very dedicated,” senior Haley Austin said.

  The members of Student Council have been planning this event since September first, when they go to an all day retreat at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, to plan the dance, the assembly, and Spirit Week, among other events for the week.

  “In student council there are 6 different committees, so when homecoming comes around, we split up the different tasks which need to be done. So one committee will get put on designing and making the decorations, then another will do the court planning, and another one will plan the assembly, and this keeps going until each committee completes their task,” sophomore Savanna Eads said.

  The Student Council has a set budget for each year, but the amount of money they use towards homecoming depends on the theme, and the supplies they need.

  “The price range for homecoming is different every year because some themes call for more distinct decorations which we don’t have, but in some cases someone in Stuco already has what we need. We have to buy some of the wall decorations, prizes, and costumes for assemblies. We use a lot of paper and tape around homecoming season so we have to keep buying big bundles of those supplies so are never out, because having no supplies means we can’t get anything done until they come,” Eads said.

  The Student Council wants to make sure everyone has a good time, they want to make sure that things are kept appropriate, and the energy level is kept high.

  “We always want people to be dressed appropriate, some rules that are applied here on the daily won’t be applied that night, as long as private areas are covered, than it should be ok. As long as things are covered, then things should be great. We want people to dance and have fun,” Austin said.

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