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Jazz on the Square

Sophia Tulipana, Reporter

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Corbin Theatre is a small local theatre in Liberty, Missouri that does many events for the community, including Jazz on the Square. Jazz on the Square is an event that Corbin Theatre throws once a month every first Monday.

 “Jazz on the Square is a free event where you can just sit down and listen to jazz for two hours. Performances are from 5:30pm-7:30pm, refreshments include something along the lines of a White Castle burger or a sandwich from a Jimmy Johns catering platter,” Junior, Maxwell Miller said.

  Jazz on the Square started because many other music halls were closed on Mondays. It all started when a couple of friends wanting a place to play and called the owner. Jazz on the Square was a small thing with a little crowd, but over time grew and is now a monthly event.

  “The one thing I think is important is that people need to know that Jazz on the Square is free and for everyone. You don’t need to reserve a seat, you can if you want but it isn’t needed. They do play to a pretty packed house every month but there’s always room for a couple more. It’s an amazing experience,” Miller said.

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