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Growth in Liberty

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It’s no secret that Liberty, Missouri has grown more and more over the past decade. From the new overpasses being built to the hundreds of new homes and neighborhoods popping up on every empty lot, Liberty is quickly becoming a bigger city and larger community.

“I’ve lived in Liberty my whole life and it’s changed a lot. There is a lot of new neighborhoods and housing,” junior Jillian Lewis said.

The most prominent growth in the city has simply been the increasing amount of families. Older neighborhoods have been filled to the brim, and new neighborhoods spring up left and right.

“When I first moved here my neighborhood only had about eight houses. Now there are hundreds and it spills out into other neighborhoods,” senior Hannah Simon said.

Liberty’s most recent development is the addition of a new shopping center, The Liberty Commons, holds thirteen businesses currently and is expected to grow as it is completed. Before that, the Flintlock Flyover was built over I-35 in 2013 and opened the city up for even more revenue.

“There are more fast food places, restaurants, businesses, and shopping centers then there ever have been,” English teacher Matthew Mitchell said.

With the recent boom in growth, lots of Liberty residents suspect that the city will expand even more in the next few years. More jobs are being created as more companies set up shop, making it more desirable for many.

“They’re building more houses every day and more schools to accommodate the larger numbers of families moving in,” senior Kody Karman said.

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