Sydney Noble

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Sydney Noble

Mckenna Holdshoe, Reporter

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   Behind every person is a story waiting to be told, freshman Sydney Noble’s story is just one of many.

   “I want to be thought of as kind and be known for helping people,” Noble said.

   Instead of Nobles perfect day being spent by the beach or in another place, she sticks to things she already does daily.

   “I would probably get to dance all day and hang out with friends,’’ Noble said.

   With Nobles perfect day comes her main take away and goal in life.

   “To do whatever makes you happy and to be successful at different things that I try to do,” Noble said.

   Life to her means not of a simple objective but of who in which she values the most.

   “My friends and my family because they mean a lot to me. They help me do what I want to do,” Noble said.

   As a freshman, she is not certain about what she wants to do after high school and college, but there is one thing she is certain about and that is helping people.

   “I was thinking about maybe being a teacher or a doctor. Something that would help people,” Noble said.

   As of now, Noble is a student who does well in class and is interested in learning.

   “She does well, again she kinda quiet but I believe that once she begins to take a risk and put herself out there, she is just going to take off,” social studies teacher David Fulkerson said.

   Her teacher sees and believes that she is still observing but that there is also lots of personality and room to grow within her.

   “I get the feeling that she is interested in learning but she is also right now still trying to figure out how’s she going to get involved. She’s observing and still working on herself taking risks and getting involved in a more active way. You can tell there’s a lot of personality about Sydney and I am excited to see her growth as both a student and a person over the year,” Fulkerson said.