Samantha Medley

October 7, 2019

   Many people don’t know what career they want to pursue in the future and others have their whole future planned out. Junior Samantha Medley has definitely decided what she wants to do when she gets older and she is already in the process of accomplishing that. Medley is taking all AP core classes and an extra science class to fulfill her interest in biology and medicine. She also already has a goal for the career choice she is most excited to learn more about.

   “I enjoy learning. If it is science, I enjoy it. But things like writing are not my favorite. I’ll do the best I can but I won’t put as much effort into it. I am aiming towards going into the medical field. I don’t know what specifically because I find everything pretty interesting and that is why I am taking science classes,” Medley said.

   Medley shows how intrigued she is in the human body and how it works and how she might be able to help others.

   “Human Body Systems is the kind of field I really want to go into. I have to say the most interesting thing is the complexity of the human body. There is so much to be discovered,” Medley said.

   Medley is also really focused on how she can use her high school experiences later on in her life. She wants to see where her interests will take her in the future.

   “The thing I like most about school is the breadth of subjects. There are classes you can take or at least the ability to have opportunities to learn about the things you want to learn about in the future,” Medley said.

   She has also put a lot of thought into college so she can take all the right courses so she can create a successful career path.

   “I want to start in-state and get over with all the pre-med classes and then go into the more advanced classes later, which might be out of state. I am leaning towards the University of Missouri. I first went to some college fairs, looked at the different available subjects and then I took into account the location of the college and how far it is from different places,” Medley said.

   Junior Katherine Mackenzie has known Medley since second grade and she has a lot to say about Medley’s ability to learn.

   “She is a very persistent person. If she doesn’t get something she’ll keep going after it until she understands it. She is so smart, it’s crazy. She is always really humble and likes to help others,” Mackenzie said.

   Mackenzie also has some ideas to offer on how Medley can find the perfect college for her. 

   “She wants to go into the medical field but she is in a lot of science classes and advanced math classes that will definitely help her. I think it would really help her to talk to faculty and go on a tour and see if the place is a good fit,” Mackenzie said.

   Medley has taken Mackenzie’s advice to go and explore what each different college has to offer.

   “I talked to the college recruiters about what’s available at the campus and recommendations,” Medley said.

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