Marshall Morgan

September 19, 2019

   The average major league baseball player has played his whole life, most as long as they can remember. For a highschooler, the same can be said. Freshman Marshall Morgan has always loved playing.

   “I’ve been playing since I was in third grade. This is my seventh year,” Morgan said.

   Marshall has yet to play in high school but he is ready leading into the season.

   “I just want to make the team. I play catcher and my brother is the pitcher. We’ve always been on the same team, but sometimes I wish we were on different teams,” Morgan said.

   Marshall hasn’t really thought about his college life after high school.

   “I’m only a freshman, that’s a long time away, I would like to go to a big one,” Morgan said.

   His family has always been into sports, especially baseball.

   “My family is at all of my games, at least one of them is. My grandpa is a Dodgers fan and I’ve grown up liking them too. I started playing because of him,” Morgan said.

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