Jaiden Brashear

September 13, 2019

   For some, planning for the future can be troublesome, difficult, and confusing, but Jaiden Brashear has been planning her future since Middle School, knowing since then that she wanted to be in the medical field. It comes naturally for some people when planning for their future because they know exactly what they want to do with their future and why.

   “Ever since Middle School I knew I wanted to graduate earlier because I was going to be in college for a while, I want to get my doctor’s degree and a degree in physical therapy,” junior Jaiden Brashear said.

   Brashear has been preparing for her future by getting ahead in her classes and by having an academic-focused mindset. 

   “This year I’m taking really hard classes, two of them are college classes. Whenever I’m at school I focus on my education.” Brashear said.

   Medical careers are incredibly difficult, and it takes years of preparation to set yourself on the right course. By taking these courses Brashear is setting herself up for her future career.

   “Freshman year I took Biology I, sophomore year I took Biology II and Theo Chem, and junior year I took Medical Interventions and College Chemistry,” Brashear said.

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