Humans of Liberty North: Melody Steffen


Ashlyn Edwards, Reporter


Every student at Liberty North has their own passions and are all different in their own ways. Specifically a very popular passion that students can share is their love for the theatre or musicality. Freshman Melody Steffen has been dancing for 12 years out of her life and she has loved it ever since. 

“Currently, I’m in Tap and Jazz. But I’ve done almost every style and Jazz and Lyrical are my favorite,” freshman Melody Steffen said. 

Dance can create quite strong bonds and friendships that can last a lifetime. Steffen moved from Springfield, MO to here in Kansas City, but has still managed to stay in touch with many of her dance friends. 

“Specifically there is a girl named Macy. She’s a year younger than me and I met her at my studio in Springfield, and we’re still really close today,” Steffen said. 

Some examples of dance studios in the area are The Studio, Studio 10, Elite Dance, MelRoe’s School of Dance, and so many more all around Kans

as City.

“I personally dance with my Theatre Group at Christian Youth Theatre but we call it CYT for short,” Steffen said. 

Because of her strong passion for dance, it’s one of the main sources of her happiness. The thing to be excited about all week waiting for practices and performances. 

“I love everything about dance. Performing, meeting people. I just like it so much. My favorite is performing the dances or routines that I have learned which makes me feel very happy. Tired, but happy,” Steffen said. 

Steffen also has other musical hobbies and passions. She has grown up in a very musical family, so there is always some time of musical activity happening. 

“I act and I sing, but not currently. I’m also in theatre, but I can’t do it right now because of everything that’s happened with COVID-19,” Steffen said. 

Though, it has become a huge passion in Steffen’s life, there are a few downsides to dance. It takes a lot of hard work to work towards the goal.  

“It can be very tiring. Especially when you’re performing your dances. Because sometimes it’s hard to breathe afterwards,” Steffen said. 

Some people compete for their studios and compete in competitions. Though Steffen was previously competing, she ended up leaving the studio she was at and stopped competing. 

“I was in competition from ages 6-10. But I don’t do it currently because I moved from Springfield to Kansas City and I would have had to drop a bunch of stuff and activities because I would have no time to do it,” Steffen said. 

Steffen’s favorite routine she’s done so far is to the song Six, by the Six musical which recently premiered in 2017, retelling the lives of the six wives of Henry VIII.

“My Jazz dance I’m doing this year is my favorite. To the song Six, by the Six musical. I like it because it’s super fun and upbeat,” Steffen said.