Humans of Liberty North: Cole Lemasters


Josh Pope, Reporter

Graduating senior Cole Lemasters has made a name for himself and a huge impact at North in his last year here. Lemasters knew coming into his freshman year that he was smart and wanted to get in higher education classes.

“ When I came in as a freshman I had a lot of ideas of stuff I wanted to do, wanted to play baseball which I did as a freshman and sophomore. But I didn’t really have an overarching idea of what I wanted to do exactly, I knew I was smart and so I believed that would take me far and where I wanted to go. “ Lemasters said

Lemasters knew as an incoming freshman or even just an underclassmen high school can be tough, through his 4 years here  he’s learned so much and so he knows what to do here.

“Freshman or underclassmen would totally be, I know it’s hard but find what you love early. Find your passion early. That’s what I did, I found my passion for sports media in my sophomore year and I am doing that at MU next year. And LNHS is a great place for that so get yourself out there and find what you wanna do early, “  Lemasters said

High school can be rough; even for Lemasters, he struggled from time to time.

“The hardest year for me…a lot of people are gonna say junior year because that’s where colleges look at the transcript and gpa so you gotta work really hard that year. But honestly junior year wasn’t that bad, if I had to pick, probably freshman year. Really because I had to adjust to the new school and I was taking higher level classes. Then like doing all these things by yourself, I just thought that was a really rough year,“ Lemasters said

Lemasters has a huge passion for sports media, he’s known that since sophomore year, and he wants to be a Royals or Chiefs broadcaster, etc. There’s just so many fields/opportunities with this passion he has.

“ I always loved was watching Royals games and listening and tuning into Rex Hudler. Then when I joined sports media I was able to do that for myself, broadcasting and announcing the North games were a dream of mine. It was so fun because for baseball, I got to travel with the team. Then a dream job would be that really for the MLB, NFL, NBA. “   Lemasters said

Lemasters has had an interesting past year and ½. His Girlfriend of 3 years was diagnosed with cancer in June of 2020, Lemasters knew how bad cancer can get so he told himself if it gets any worse he would propose. Unfortunately her cancer did get worse, so Lemasters popped the question. Weeks later they got married in December of 2021

“ Kylie really changed my life in many different ways. I guess to start is that she really changed my look on Christianity, I grew up in a Christian home but we weren’t very strong/big on it to say. But she really helped me get a better grip on Christianity. Another way would be how she taught and showed me to love and cherish every day. Because that’s what she is dealing with right now living everyday as her last. But she just really showed me how we all need to live a full filled life with each other,” Lemasters said