Humans of Liberty North: Avery True


Josh Pope, Reporter

Freshman Swimmer Avery True really proved her strength in this season’s meets. Not only was she one of the top swimmers North had to offer, but she was also able to compete very well at state, while doing all of this as a freshman.

 “ My first year swimming at North was great. I got close with a lot of the girls and we had a lot of fun. Even Though we couldn’t do a lot of the stuff they usually do like pasta parties and the team sleepover, we still found ways to be bold as a team and have fun. For example, we all got these fish flops before conference just because we thought it would be fun,”  True said.

 True also does swim outside of North, with a year-round team.

 “ Outside of high school swimming, I am on a swim team called Tsunami. It’s going pretty well right now. We just had a meet and I dropped in most of my events. Right now we are working hard going into summer where sectionals and juniors will happen. I am still working on my juniors cuts but I’m close in some of my events.,“ True said.

True claims there are many differences between the two.

 “The difference between club and high school is that clubs are more competitive and individual. In high school, you are trying to win with your team instead of by yourself with the club. High School swimming is more fun, I would say because you get close with the girls and you don’t take it as seriously as club. I like club more than high school because even though it’s not as fun or inclusive with everyone, I feel more accomplished with club and can work on the stuff I need to work on more. I am also very close with my teammates on the club and some of them are also on the high school team which makes it more fun,” True said.

With all the great moments in an athlete’s career, there is always that one shining moment. The one they will never forget. And sometimes there is even more than one. 

 “ I have many fun moments I would say are my favorites. For example one of my favorites was Champs 2019 when I got a lot of my sectional cuts. Another one of my favorite things is hanging out with my friends at swim,” True said.