Glen Wohlgemuth

October 7, 2019

   Stereotypical high school boys play football, have friends, and like to play video games. Sophomore Glen Wohlgemuth is all of these things.

   “Normally after football, we get out pretty late so normally I just go home and either watch TV or play some video games, something like that, do homework,” Wohlgemuth said.

   Wohlgemuth spends most of his time doing what he loves: football. He is the offensive lineman and number 69 on his football team.

   “I play football, so every day after school I go do that and it’s pretty fun,” Wohlgemuth said.

   Stereotypical boys will hang out with friends and play video games, and Wohlgemuth follows the same pattern.

   “He used to come over to my house all the time after school and we’d hang out until his parents got off work so that’s how we really became good friends. He always came over and we’d play like Minecraft or Call of Duty or something like that,” sophomore Carter Hollon said.

   The only thing that may not be as stereotypical about Wohlgemuth is his favoritism towards math.

   “My favorite subject is actually math because ever since I was little it just kinda clicked with me. It’s just really easy for me so that’s why it is my favorite,” Wohlgemuth said.

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